341 abandoned children need your help !

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Center is currently feeding 341 abandoned and disabled children, housing for the children, the current stable construction, the facilities are still missing, such as fans, washing machines, Clothes dryer, school uniform clothes, Especially when the financial construction is exhausted, Que Huong Charity Center earnestly invites you to be close to help the children happy with merit. Que Huong Center would like to send to the heart of the love of the near distant.

Que Huong Charity Center is a non- governmental Organization (N.G.O), Established by the Red Cross of Vietnam, the Center was given a private stamp issued by the Ministry of Public Security on December 10, 2001, have a bank account, with a financial account, clear, clear treasurer, regular reporting to the Central Governing Body, all sources of funding for the center.

The center is financially self-sufficient thanks to the kindness of domestic and foreign donors. In addition, the Director of the Center has opened more drinking water companies to create jobs and earn extra income. Contributions of the grown up and mature adults contribute back.

Que Huong Center is facing many difficulties in food and daily necessities. The charity center calls for the help of our benefactors, close friends, family and friends to bridge the bridge to help us. Currently, Our food is very poor. The center looks forward to your help and kindness.

STT Content Unit  Quantity
1 Rice Kg 3500
2 Porridge package 50
3 Noodle Boxes 120
4 School Uniform sets 213

Those born with many illnesses, need the attention of aunts and  uncle help us the fee of the hospital.

      The number of abandoned children is increasing, and needs your help, such as milk and diapers, baby bath oil, baby supplies.


The baby need power milk ..

The newborn baby need milk and diaper

The children need support on rice, noodle ..
The children love and care for each other .. in the love of mother and community ..
a meal filled or not is dependent on your benevolent hand!
To have a full meal of nutrients they are in great need of help from the mother ..


Total :  341  children                                                                                                                 120 child need milk everyday

Founder and Director : Mother Huỳnh Tiểu Hương

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