Number 1 meaning for orphaned children at Que Huong Charity Center ???

Que Huong Charity Center  – a place of shared compassion!

1 kg of rice of your can help us full of stomach before class!

1 $ of your can help us pay for school!

1 your big hug helps us to feel warm and overcome all the hardships!

Your small act changes the lives and future of all of us!
All contributions directly to:
Que Huong Humanitarian Center:
Address: 61/23 Tan Long, Tan Dong Hiep, Di An, Binh Duong. Tk: 897109 Asia Commercial Bank ACB Ho Chi Minh City Branch. Details: or ; Tel :(0650)374 0808


Mother Huong took care about more than 300 orphans and abandoned children with all of her love !

They are now at school age .. They are in dire need of help from you!

Everyday they need food such as rice, noodles, milk … especially they are not malnourished, they are looking forward to the sharing of mothers, our meal will have meat,fish, egg..

        Every day is the love of mothers .. and our benefactor far away .. they have milk, but the number of more than 300 children so they need more, so that they do not thirst one’s love Mother, of a family .. The center of graciously call for loving hands of the mother, the benefactor far and near to help the children, each one a little contribution.

The children lack love of parents, but surely they will not lack your love ???


Let the children sit in the classroom with no empty stomach, mommy!


Everyday we still work hard, learning to acquire our knowledge and dreams is going to become a citizen contributing to the country of Vietnam



The center gratitude for your contribution of kind hearted close to help us have a better life, love us every day.

                                                                                     Founder and director:

                                                                                    Huynh Tieu Huong

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