English Teaching Program 2017-2018

In August 2017, an English Program will be set up. The kids will be studying English every day based on the outlines of the Integrated Program. A qualified English Teacher with a MBA in Education will prepare the lessons and guide you into your teaching. He will provide everything you may possible need while teaching.

1) Schedule

The program will cover three grades. A nursery , grade 2 and grade 3 class will experiment this program. The amount of students will not exceed 16 per class.

From Monday to Saturday, 9:30-10:10 am and 10:10-10:50 am. In case, there are more volunteers, evening sessions may open as well.

2) Contents

The kids will be studying English, Maths and Science based on the outlines of the Integrated Program. As mentioned above, everything will be already prepared by our English Teacher Manager. You do not need to prepare anything. Flashcards and worksheets are provided. A meticulous guidance and assistance are also provided in order to support the teachers while teaching.

3) Requirements 

There is no need to feel fluent in English to teach our kids. Your English proficiency will be more than enough. You do not need to have any qualification in teaching. The only things require are:

  • to be outgoing
  • motivated
  • report to our English Teacher Manager

Our cute students are eager to learn and study English, so do not be shy and come join us :)photos.google.com/…/AF1QipOu_dG4CXH0cgoD3viESYkKIEKFlOlCRalL1sbG


Have a peep at this video from one of our volunteer teachers (teaching NURSERY)



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