Introduction to the Scholarships and Teachers Program 2017 – 2018

Introduction to the Scholarships and Teachers Program 2017 – 2018



Reason to set up the project

Vietnam is one of the developing countries, along with the overall development of the world economy, the economic growth rate of the period 2010 – 2017 is 7% a year, and the average national income 2010 estimated at $ 1,160. But according to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, there are more than 3 million poor households and over 1.6 million near-poor households. The Government of Viet Nam recognizes the importance of education for the cause of national economic development and the elimination of poverty, so in the past years, the Government has implemented universal primary and higher education Junior high school. In spite of the widespread use of education, in addition to exempting some of the costs for policy beneficiary students and poor families, other costs have not been subsidized, such as textbooks, uniforms, Membership fees, insurance … so for poor families, it is very difficult to provide for children, and some parents are not aware of the importance of going to school.


The Que Huong Charity Center is a non-governmental organization. Currently caring for 340 orphans and children with disabilities. They are at school age. This is why the Center calls for donations from benefactors to help disadvantaged students, orphans with disabilities at the center have access to elementary school and continue to go to primary school and continue. Study in junior high school, high school. To more and more students who are capable of writing, reading, calculating fluency and acquiring common knowledge, the Que Huong Humanity Center believes that “only education will help them escape Poor – integration into the community – sustainable future “.

Time to implement the project

In 2001, Que Huong Charity Center started to implement the Scholarship project in provinces and cities nationwide. From the beginning of the project until 2014, the Que Huong Charity Center has mobilized its generous benefactors to build school on the campus.

Project purpose

To support the payment of teachers’ salaries so that we can continue their teaching activities so that we can continue studying and complete our study levels and raise the quality of their learning so that we can self-give and contribute to society. .

Type of project Community development
Service area Kindergarten – Elementary – Secondary
Object and amount of funding Quantity: According to statistics of 6/2016, the total number of pupils is 180 pupils / 16 teachers from kindergarten to primary school.
Collaborative partner Powerful

Entrepreneurs, businesses

Domestic and foreign organizations

Service items 1. All beneficiaries will receive 12 months of support, quarterly grantees: 1st quarter in January, 2nd quarter in April, 3rd & 4th in September.

• Kindergarten teacher: 1,000,000 VND / month.

• Level 1 teacher: 1,500,000 VND / month.

• Secondary school students: 200,000 VND / month.

. High school students: 250,000 VND / month.

2. To award rewards to students with good or better grades.

3. Distribute rewards to 9th graders who continue to attend high school.

4. Award rewards for students passing the University, College, Professional

5. Provide school supplies and rainwear for the entire student body.

6. Give 1 piece of cloth and money to celebrate your age.

7. Organize summer camp 2 days 1 night.

8. Help more students in extremely difficult circumstances


   Account : Que Huong Charity Center

– Vietnam Dong account: 897109 Asia Commercial Bank ACB Ho Chi Minh

– US Dollar: 897099 ACB Bank of Hochiminh City

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