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Dear mothers, sisters, brothers and sisters, all your benefactors are far away. The Que Huong Charity Center currently feeding 341 orphans and children with disabilities, of whom 100% are protected by the love and support from your to the children who have the opportunity to go to school, love. At present, the Center has built a school that welcomes all students at the center. With the aim of helping children integrate into community, Que Huong School has developed a bilingual English-Vietnamese project for children. Currently, the human resources of teachers teaching the subjects of Vietnamese language is sufficient but for the English language is missing, especially the volunteers teach English to us. Also financially the center is currently having difficulty paying for teachers. So to help us continue to school, the Center calls for your contribution to the merit of helping children to go to school to integrate into the community.

For bilingual classes to continue to evolve, the Center welcome the national and international volunteers come with us teach and help our childreb practice their foreign language that skills to integrate.

Mother Huynh Tieu Huong – Founder and director of the Center is very much looking forward to sharing the help from the benefactors.

French Volunteers teach English every day to us.

We currently need 10 English language volunteers.

English is a necessary subject for us to connect and integrate.

Founder and Director : Mother Huong Tieu Huynh

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